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GOVERNMENTAUCTIONS.ORG The Authoritative Guide to Government Auctions & Foreclosures

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Welcome to the! You probably already know that® is an extremely popular membership-based web-site that helps bargain hunters find and participate in government auctions of seized and surplus, property (such as real estate, cars electronics, art, jewelry and equipment), that can often be bought at a substantial discount.® is a membership web site that exists to help its users find, locate and attend government auctions and foreclosures of every type so that they can achieve every success buying things they would ordinarily pay retail prices for, but that, through government auctions and bank foreclosures, they can buy at a significant discount.® is a division of Cyweb Holdings Inc., a closely held corporation headquartered in New York, U.S.A.

Cyweb Holdings is a company that, through it's divisions and holdings, provides high quality web-based information services to the public. Its CEO is a former United States Government employee, who holds a law degree, and who, prior to his work for the Federal Government, was involved in various business and civic endeavors for which he has received national and international recognition. The company consists of personnel and management who, combined, have extensive experience in business, government, law, software and technology, and who have committed themselves to use their backgrounds and knowledge to create, sustain, and invest in, superior information products in both, the narrow and broad markets.

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Online Pharmacy, Which will suit all your needs!

Generic Drugs

A shop containing high-revenue drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Lexapro and many others, unique, easy to use interface, lets customers find the needed drugs within the shortest period of time. The store is organized for easy surfing as all the drugs sold are seen on the main page, each drug contains a detailed description, which includes indications, therapeutic action and etc.

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Create and Publish Paperless Flip Page Publications

What is UniFlip?

UniFlip takes your documents, reports, catalogs or magazines and publishes them into a multi-media format that looks like a physical binded book with pages that actually flip.

UniFlip requires no software installation and can be distributed electronically to your customers, suppliers, retailers, clients and other stakeholders.

Benefits of an Interactive Online 3D Publication

Think about the amount of money you currently spend to generate, print, and produce paper catalogs, reports, newsletters, brochures, etc. Add to that the packaging and mailing costs.

Now, what if you could produce that same material for just a fraction of what you’d normally spend, plus get the materials to your intended audience faster, and help promote environmental sustainability at the same time? What if you could do all that and still even more?

UniFlip online publications are virtual magazines with flip through pages that turn documents into extraordinary polished, professional pieces of art.

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