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Create and Publish Paperless Flip Page Publications

What is UniFlip?

UniFlip takes your documents, reports, catalogs or magazines and publishes them into a multi-media format that looks like a physical binded book with pages that actually flip.

UniFlip requires no software installation and can be distributed electronically to your customers, suppliers, retailers, clients and other stakeholders.

Benefits of an Interactive Online 3D Publication

Think about the amount of money you currently spend to generate, print, and produce paper catalogs, reports, newsletters, brochures, etc. Add to that the packaging and mailing costs.

Now, what if you could produce that same material for just a fraction of what you’d normally spend, plus get the materials to your intended audience faster, and help promote environmental sustainability at the same time? What if you could do all that and still even more?

UniFlip online publications are virtual magazines with flip through pages that turn documents into extraordinary polished, professional pieces of art.

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